Greater Dayton (DA)
Displays for Roadwarriors, Realwarriors and Cybernauts
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Welcome to SIDDA! - Darrel Hopper, Director


SIDDA includes OH, IN, KY, AL, MS, Other

SID Greater Dayton Chapter (SIDDA) is a non-profit organi-zation whose purposes are:  (1) To encourage scientific, literary, educational advancement of information display and its allied arts & sciences including hardware, software, human performance, and system engineering; (2) To provide forums for exchange & dissemination of ideas and to promulgate standards & definitions.  SIDDA focus is on ubiquitous information technologies (IT) for civil, avionics, military visualization applications in a wired world.



To contact us: 

SIDDA Chapter Website ,

SIDDA Kent State University Student Branch Website


SIDDA Executive Committee (Chapter Director & Officers)

Director:  Dr. Darrel G. Hopper


Chair—Jim Byrd              Vice-Chair—John Luu       

Secretary—Mike O’Keeffe                Treasurer—Dan Desjardins

Program Chair—Fred Meyer


Kent Student Branch:  Faculty Advisor—Prof. Philip Bos

President—Liwei Li       Vice-President—Yi Huang

Branch Secretary—Lu Lu         Branch Treasurer—Lei Zhao

Branch Webmaster—Souptik Mukherjee