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This Wearable Tech Is Essentially A Silicon Valley Engagement Ring

The latest piece of wearable tech means you don't even need to open your wallet to pay for stuff, take public transport, or provide identification. One ring to rule them all, as they say. The self-charging ring is expected to be compatible with Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX, and is protected with an IP57-rated water resistance antimicrobial finish.


The Science Times

Technological Breakthrough Could Make Holograms Touchable

A technological breakthrough by the researchers from the University of Birmingham, published in Science Advances, uses the Rayleigh waves to make virtual reality touchable. This is being used in the technology of VR in hopes of incorporating the sense of touch. The researchers discovered that Rayleigh waves travel through the skin and bone layers, which the body's touch receptor cells pick up and send the message to the brain.


Fast Company

Ricky Martin’s New Startup Wants To Remix Your Music To Be More Immersive

The “Latin Music King” Ricky Martin and his team at his newly formed company Martin Music Labs think they’ve landed on the next big leap in immersive sound: Orbital Audio, a sonic experience that doesn’t require any special apps or equipment and that’s meant to be a more sophisticated approach to controlling each part of a track than what’s being used today.



MicroLED Displays: Will OLEDs Soon Be Eclipsed?

OLED technology has shown just how good wide-gamut, high dynamic range, high-resolution displays can be. Like OLED, MicroLED uses a simple three-colour emissive pixel and delivers very high contrast with deep blacks, a wide colour gamut, high efficiency, fast response, wide viewing angle and the possibility of transparent and flexible (curved) displays. However, MicroLED offers superior gamut, brightness, efficiency and longevity compared to OLED.



Chambéry Moves Forward With Phase Two Of e-Paper Bus Stop Project With Papercast

Synchro BUS, the urban transport network of the city of Chambéry, is replacing more paper timetables with Papercast® solar powered e-paper passenger information displays across the agglomeration. The unique attributes of e-paper make it ideal for outside use, with unbeatable screen visibility, even in direct sunlight.


Aju Business Daily

McDonald's Store Near Seoul Uses Samsung's Digital Signage For Menu Boards

Paper menu boards disappeared at a McDonald's store in a western satellite city of Seoul. Samsung Electronics has provided its smart signage that uses digital technology to deliver images and information. Customers can check food menus, advertisements, and discount events. Samsung said the drive-thru lane of a McDonald's outlet in Goyang was installed with the smart outdoor signage that allows customers to check menus and order in their cars.

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