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Digital Signage Today

Samsung Display Offers Ultra-Thin Glass For Foldable Displays

Samsung Display Solutions has announced its ultra-thin glass solution that can work as a cover window for foldable displays. The company built the 30-micrometer thick glass to be both flexible and durable, according to a press release. Samsung will initially apply the UTG to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone.


Display Daily

Cybernet Announces World’s First Antimicrobial Touch Glass On A Medical Grade Computer C

Cybernet's medical grade computers have always featured a housing with antimicrobial properties baked directly into the resin, and now can offer a fully antimicrobial touch glass as well, so the entire device is 100% protected against the formation of bacteria. The technology used to create the touch glass is a patented process that bonds the antimicrobial properties to the glass, meaning it will never degrade or wipe off, even after the use of chemical disinfectants.


Apple Insider

Apple Researching All-Glass iPhone With Wraparound Touchscreen

New Apple research describes an all-glass iPhone which can display information, icons, and images on any surface —with the entire device touch sensitive. This could mean replacing the hardware mute switch, sleep/wake button, or volume controls, with touch-sensing areas. Apple might use a force-sensing to allow users to squeeze an iPhone, perhaps thereby telling it to send a call to voicemail.



How To Enhance The Customer Experience Using AI And Voice Biometrics

Enterprises are embracing new technologies, such as AI-based behavior tracking and a composite risk-based authentication with biometric authentication as a tool to enhance customer experience with “passive” detection and authentication of user credentials. Voice biometrics is emerging as a solution for AI-based behavior tracking and composite risk-based authentication.

Android Pit


How Wearables Will Power The Next Phase Of Workplace Productivity

Wearable technology, an industry expected to hit $54 billion in value by the year 2023, is seeing a growth in adoption. Although yet to see mainstream adoption, wearable technologies such as assisted reality smart glasses promise to have a valuable impact on industries with a heavy reliance on frontline and field-based workers, such as in enterprise resource planning for warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace and automotive.

Slash Gear


HTC Doubles Down On Virtual Reality With New Headsets Aimed At Taking On Facebook’s Oculus

The Vive Cosmos Play and the Vive Cosmos Elite add entry level and high-end VR offerings to HTC’s portfolio. At 599 euros ($646), the Vive Cosmos Play is HTC’s entry level VR device which will be on sale in the second quarter of this year. And the Cosmos Play Elite costs 999 euros, making it one of the more pricier options on the market.

Display Week 2020, June 7 -12 , at the San Francisco Moscone Convention Center. As the world's leading event focused on the advancement, growth and commercialization of electronic displays, it's the must-attend event of the year. 

Date: June 20, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm Tuesday Evening
Location: Qualcomm, Building B Cafeteria
                                      3165 Kifer Road, 
                                      Santa Clara, CA 95051
Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Waldren, Founder and CTO, Digilens Inc.

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