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Next-Gen Tech Could Be Key To Men’s Wearhouse Turnaround

Men’s Wearhouse recently introduced its first two next-gen store locations that feature a more streamlined layout and host of digital elements. Among the tech features: artificial intelligence-driven technology from 3DLOOK analyzes two photos taken of the customer to quickly determine their clothing sizes for contactless measurement and a “Digital Shirt Wall” enables customers to use a touch screen to select their desired style, fit and color from in-store and online inventory.



Wearable Sensor Can Detect Stress Hormone Cortisol In Human Sweat

The wearable sensor allows for quasi-continuous monitoring and can help doctors understand and treat stress-related conditions such as burnout and obesity. The sensor could potentially be placed on the patient’s skin in the form of a wearable patch and allow near-continuous monitoring of cortisol concentrations, which is the main stress biomarker in the wearer’s sweat.


The Observer

Seven-Screen Laptop Is The Tech You Didn’t Know You Needed

Just in case you wanted to find a way to welcome even more screens into your life, an ambitious new British company has come up with a ridiculous idea for a laptop with around 700 per cent more screens than your current computer has. The Aurora 7 boasts four 17.3-inch 4K/UHD displays and a further three 7-inch 1920x1200 displays, as well as an additional mini-touch display that shows system info or pretty much whatever else you want it to.



Japanese Convenience Store Trials Face And Palm Biometrics For Checkout-Free Shopping

The Green Leaves+ shop-and-go store in the Yokohama Techno Tower Hotel in Japan is piloting a biometrics-enabled checkout-free service that allows customers to enter the store by verifying their identity with just their face and a swipe of their palm. To use the service, customers first register their credit card in the store’s mobile app along with their palm vein and facial recognition details.



Quantum Dots Launch For The First Time In Lighting

Designed and manufactured by Nano-Lit Technologies, Quantum Dot lighting has been installed at the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) global headquarters in New York City, which has achieved the WELL Certification under the latest version of the WELL Building Standard™, WELL v2.

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Japanese Toilets Are About To Get More High Tech With Holographic Buttons

Japanese company Murakami Corporation has entered into a partnership with Parity Innovations to come up with a holographic panel that floats mid-air. By using infrared sensors to detect finger movement, it will be able to guess which are the buttons users are trying to press and will activate the feature accordingly.

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