Welcome to the Society for Information Display's UMW Chapter home page!

Our Chapter serves the membership of SID in the Upper Midwestern area of the United States; including, but not limited to, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. The chapter functions and activities are, in general, carried out within the geographical area covered by these states. SID members in good standing in the Chapter's territory are normally considered as members of the Chapter. Any SID member may request in writing to SID to be the member of UMW or other chapter. A member of the chapter holds the same grade in the chapter as is accorded by the SID. The chapter activities are run according to the SID and UMW Chapter bylaws. Please frequently go through various sections of UMW chapter and SID webs to get broad and updated information about our chapter and the SID.

Please join SID or renew your membership using the SID web (www.sid.org), phone (408-879-3901), membership contact (office@sid.org) or the link, https://www.sid.org/Members/ApplyandRenewOnline.aspx, if you are not a current SID member.

Think About Volunteering!

We are a volunteer organization and members are encouraged and requested to participate in chapter activities and functions. We could use your help in this rewarding work as an officer, committee member, or speaker. Please contact Chapter Director or Chair for details.


More volunteers to serve in committees are regularly needed, so please consider representing your local area by dedicating a small amount of time toward participating in chapter activities and encouraging new members to join and current members to renew. The Society for Information Display serves industry and education for all display related technologies. Please help raise awareness of the local chapter as a valuable resource for all things related to information displays.



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SID UMW Chapter Report May 2015

The SID Upper Midwest (UMW) Chapter Report is now available for your reference via the links below.  The report was recently presented to the SID Board of Directors in May 2015.

SID UMW Chapter Report May 2015.pdf

SID UMW Chapter Report Presentation, May 2015.pdf