Mid-Europe (ME)

Director Herbert De Smet
Chair Jens Osterodt
Vice Chair
Coen Van 't Westeinde
Treasurer Armin Wedel
Secretary Stefan Riehemann

Upcoming Events

SID-ME Spring Meeting 2017

13-14 March, 2017, Dresden, Germany.


  • Near-to-eye projection, smart glasses, smart contact lenses; augmented / virtual reality
  • Personal and professional wearable display applications)
  • Ergonomics
  • Training/Education

More details and Call for papers on the Website

Abstract submission deadline: January 9, 2017
Early registration (20 EUR discount): February 1, 2017
An exhibition will be held in conjunction with the conference; see website for details.

The General Meeting and Officer Election will take place during this meeting.

SID-ME Chapter Student Award 2017

This year the €1500 Student Award will be granted to the best student contribution to the Spring Meeting 2017. More information

Student Award

The 1500 Euro SID-ME Chapter Best Student Award is granted yearly for an outstanding scientific or technical contribution to research on information display. The applicant must be a student (up to and including PhD student) when the work is performed and must be a member or student member of the SID-ME Chapter when the application is submitted. See this page for more information about (student) membership. Please note the very low price ($5) for student membership.

To participate, submit your abstract to the Chapter Meeting where the award will be granted and indicate that you want to participate in the competition. The applicant must be the first author of the submitted abstract and must personally present the work at the Chapter Meeting where the award ceremony will take place. If the first 2 authors are students and members, the prize can be shared between those 2 students. In that case, notify the award committee (see below) well in advance of the Chapter Meeting. 

Present composition of the Award Committee:

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. N. Frühauf, Universität Stuttgart, norbert.fruehauf(a)lfb.uni-stuttgart.de 
  • Dr. Jens Osterodt, Merck KgaA, jens.osterodt(a)merckgroup.com
  • Dr. Stefan Riehemann, Fraunhofer IOF, stefan.riehemann(a)iof.fraunhofer.de
  • Ing. Coen Van 't Westeinde, NDF , c.westeinde(a)ndf.eu
  • Prof. Dr. ir. H. De Smet, Ghent University, Herbert.DeSmet(a)UGent.be

Past winners:

Elisabeth Bodenstein

2016 : Ms. Elisabeth Bodenstein from Fraunhofer FEP in Germany, for her work on "OLED Micropatterning by Electron Beam Processing

2015 : Mr. Mohammed Mohammadimasoudi from Ghent University in Belgium, for his work on "Thin film polarized liquid crystal backlight"

2014 : Ms. Selin Pıravadılı Mucur from the Gebze Institute of Technology in Turkey, for her work on "Enhancement Effect of Nanoparticles on Organic Light Emitting Diodes"


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Past events 

SID-ME Fall Meeting 2016

3-4 November, 2017, Berlin, Germany.
Venue: Fraunhofer HHI (Heinrich Hertz Institute)

Meeting ran from noon to noon, with an optional guided visit to HHI Timelab on the 2nd afternoon.


Special topics:

  • 3-D and virtual/augmented reality
  • High-end display applications (incl. ruggedized, automotive, medical)
  • Quantum dots and lighting

Conference website: http://www.3it-berlin.de/projects/sidconference

Eurodisplay 2015

September 21-23, 2015
Ghent, Belgium

Generic EuroDisplay portal: sideurodisplay.org

Direct link to the '15 edition: EuroDisplay.ugent.be

During this conference, the SID-ME General Meeting and Officer Election took place, as well as the Student Award ceremony.

The EuroDisplay 2015 proceedings are available to all logged in SID members as a special issue of the SID Digest.

Some contributions are available as a peer reviewed full paper version in JSID. A virtual issue 'EuroDisplay 2015' is available on Wiley online. Access to this issue is free until December 31st, 2015.

SID-ME Fall 2014 Meeting

October 9-10, 2014


Organized by Stuttgart University, Germany.

Special topics:
  • Active matrix technologies
  • Flexible displays
  • Process technologies for large area microelectronics

 See Newsletter 33 for a report of this Meeting


SID-ME Spring 2014 Meeting

April 7-8, 2014


Organized by Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey, in the SEED Event Center at the Sakip Sabanci Museum, overlooking the Bosporus.

Special topics:
  • OLED displays and applications
  • Graphene and other novel materials in display applications
  • Flexible electronics and displays

During this meeting, the SID-ME General Meeting and Officer Election took place, as well as the Student Award ceremony.


Student Branch 'Ghent Lowlands'


Recent Student Branch activities

March 20, 2013: Organization of Photonics Event (http://www.photonicsevent.be) 

March 7, 2013: Display Quiz 

November 8, 2012: 3D event 

October 5, 2012: New academic year launch event 

June 2012: member BBQ

April 19 2012: Thesis event

Pixel workshop

'Make your own display'

Ghent Lowlands Student Branch activity
March 15, 2012 Ghent, Belgium

Seminar on Electrowetting and OLED microdisplays

Ghent Lowlands Student Branch activityFeb 27, 2012 Ghent, Belgium
  • dr. Ian Underwood (University of Edinburgh)
  • dr. Kurt Petersdorff (Samsung LCD Netherlands Research Center)



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